Todd Lamond

Staff Attorney - New York

Todd graduated cum laude from State University of New York 1984; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management and Marketing with a minor in Economics. In 1988 he earned his Juris Doctor from City University of New York at Queens College.
Todd arrived at PJI as a semi-retired Public Defender. As a born again Spirit led believer, he answered God’s calling to join the newly established PJI-NY office at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. He had been divinely prompted, and considers volunteer work for PJI to be part of his legal ministry to assist the multitudes of New Yorkers in their fight to maintain religious freedom and liberty against governmental overreach mandates. New York is approximately 4 hours north of Washington DC and is the financial center of the World. As such it occupies a unique political, legal and global position and provides PJI-NY to meet those related headwinds. Todd serves in the capacity of dual business and legal roles for PJI-NY. His passion for business coupled with his undergraduate business degree and entrepreneurial experiences and expertise, have facilitated the promotion and expansion of the NY office. Starting with only one single part time staff attorney, the NY office has added two Pace Law School interns, an upstate NY volunteer attorney, and a volunteer paralegal and administrative assistant with additional personnel contemplated. Todd has adopted PJI president Brad Dacus’ overall PJI vision for the NY office, which in its most basic form, is to “help as many as possible with legal advice and representation without charge.”
Prior to joining Team PJI, Todd was a Senior Trial Attorney in the Westchester County PD White Plains office for 23 years, which coincidentally is the PJI-NY headquartered location. Litigation at the WC PD exclusively involved only serious felony cases, including homicides. As a criminal defense trial attorney, Todd was privileged to help the many who faced lengthy state prison sentences due to the serious nature of the charges handled by the office. His extensive negotiation and trial experience has bolstered oversight of the legal strategies for PJI-NY.
After leaving the WC PD in 2012, Todd concentrated on a general solo practice and In 2016 joined Marist College School of Business as a part time adjunct professor. Todd also graduated with a four year degree from the Lower Westchester County Bible Institute in Yonkers, NY affiliated with John 3:16 in the Bronx, NY. He uses the bible knowledge gained to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.
Not by might, not by power [of attorney], but by power of the Holy Spirit says the Lord God Almighty. Zechariah 4:6.