An atheist group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, sued the Washington city of Gig Harbor for setting up a baby Jesus nativity display during Christmas in the city park. The city, not knowing their rights, caved to the threats and took the display down. Pacific Justice Institute along with a group of Gig Harbor citizens helped to vote in a new city council and gave them the confidence to ignore the atheist’s threats and save the display for years to come.

A group of Christians in Solera at Kern Canyon, a retirement community in Bakersfield, California, were discriminated against when the home owners association (HOA) banned them from meeting for morning worship at the clubhouse based on a threat by an Atheist. Pacific Justice Institute stepped in, joining a hard hitting law suit against the HOA and winning back the group’s right to worship.

At a California border patrol station, a man who claimed he was a woman insisted on changing his clothes in the women’s locker room. The women were understandably uncomfortable. The station tried to offer a compromise by making a private accommodation for the man, but he refused. Pacific Justice Institute took this case on behalf of our client, a married Christian woman with deeply held religious beliefs about sex and gender and sued the agency for violation of privacy.

A Christian Boarding School was unjustly raided by government officials in early 2019. The warrant was served based on false and outrageous claims by an internet tabloid. The police found no wrongdoing but charged the school with being an “unlicensed group home” which would have forced the Christian school to abandon its Biblical principles. Pacific Justice Institute stepped in to stop the overreach by the state and sued California in state and federal court for violation of religious freedom.

Sibusiso, a middle school student in Washington state, was booted twice from class for speaking up about his Christian beliefs. Pacific Justice Institute threatened a lawsuit and the school backed down.

Artis, an 84-year old widow and U.S. veteran, was threatened by CalVet officials to be banned for refusing to stop leading her longtime Bible study. There was a complaint issued against her accusing her of “elder abuse” because a man lost sleep over a conversation she had with him about heaven and hell. We’ve stepped in and are defending her free speech and freedom of religion that veterans like those in the home have sacrificed to protect.

After her kindergarten daughter was shown what transgender identity was by Rocklin Academy teacher, Kaelin Swaney, this parent spoke out about the impact the demonstration had on her child and how Rocklin Academy Gateway responded poorly to parental concerns. WATCH this exclusive interview to hear first-hand experience of what ACTUALLY happened at Rocklin Academy Gateway.

Eric Thompson was fired from his position as sociology professor at Moreno Valley College (MVC) for challenging his students to think critically. He encouraged lively discussions from different perspectives about gay marriage, sexuality, family and other social issues of our day. The MVC administration wrongly investigated him three separate times and eventually fired him. Eric contacted PJI, and we helped him by challenging the administration and, through an arbitration process, won back his job.

Guatay Christian Fellowship is a small church in an even smaller town of Guatay, California—less than an hour east of San Diego. After 22 years of operation, the county of San Diego shut Guatay Church down because it had previously been rezoned for a country western bar that never opened. Pacific Justice Institute is working to make sure Guatay church stays open.

Michael Leal is excited about the gospel. His high school, however, is not. After being suspended for sharing his faith not once, but three times, Pacific Justice Institute is stepping in to help him.

A retired military veteran who now works in a hospital was stunned when supervisors called him into the office to demand that he remove “God Bless America” from his e-mail signature block. What happened next was even more shocking—he complied with the directive but was placed on administrative leave for “insubordination.” Pacific Justice Institute stepped in to defend him.

Adelmo tells the story of how he was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace simply because he proclaimed his faith in a public place. PJI comes to his defense.

You might expect to get kicked out of a mall for disruptive behavior, but what about talking with willing listeners about God? It happened to a man in Visalia, California, and Pacific Justice Institute is stepping in to defend him.

Alpha Pregnancy Center was denied space in an office building that would have placed them across the hallway from Planned Parenthood. Pacific Justice Institute has stepped in to defend the clinic.

A Colorado high school has allowed a biological boy to use the girls’ bathroom. Pacific Justice Institute stepped in to protect the privacy of these young girls. This video highlights some of the victims of this school’s reprehensible actions.

Pacific Justice Institute helps this kindergartener defend his religious rights to sing a Christian song at his public elementary school.

Mercy Way Rescue ministers to the rural poor in the mountain community of Placerville, California. The city’s planning commission recently denied their conditional use permit application. Pacific Justice Institute has stepped in to fight to keep it open.