Questions And Answers

What kind of legal cases does PJI handle?
PJI handles cases addressing religious freedom including church and private school rights issues, curtailments to evangelism by the government, harassment because of their religious faith, employers attacked for their religious-based policies, students and teachers rights to share their faith at public schools. As a civil rights organization, PJI also works hard to defend the rights of parents including their right to homeschool, review and have notice of public school curriculum and presentations, and opt out their children from objectionable material.

How is PJI Unique?
PJI is at the forefront of attorneys and civil rights groups who recognize the need to preserve religious liberty in America. The legal aid non profit organization is made up of a network of hundreds of volunteer affiliate attorneys nationwide. These volunteer attorneys save PJI more than 90% of what legal cases normally would cost. This savings allows PJI to take on many cases. PJI also does not focus on just those cases that are likely to go to the Supreme Court. While PJI is willing to take cases to the Supreme Court, PJI has a unique commitment to provide legal counsel and court representation to everyone they feel falls within their mission. PJI also works hard to maximize its resources by making sure its case updates and newsletters are sent only when warranted.
Does PJI charge for their legal services?
No. PJI provides all its legal representation without charge. However, individuals with matters outside the scope of PJI are often referred to a private attorneys.
How does PJI serve churches and private schools?
PJI provides free legal representation to parents who are unlawfully denied the right to homeschool their children. PJI also provides legal counsel to those parents wishing to homeschool, but do not know their legal options or obligations.
How does PJI get its funding?
PJI receives almost all of its funding through donations by individuals who believe in PJI’s non profit legal work. The average donation is about $50 per month. Some churches also support PJI on a monthly basis as well. All donations to PJI are tax deductible!
If you wish to become a member of the PJI team by placing a donation, please click HERE.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
I’m very grateful to them for all they have done… We’re a team.
What national notables endorse PJI?
Former U.S. Attorney General, Ed Meese, has not only endorsed PJI’s work, but he also serves as Chairman of PJI’s Advisory Board. PJI is also endorsed by radio talk show hosts (e.g. Michael Reagan), actors (e.g. Dean Jones), and law professors (e.g. Professor Richard Duncan, University of Nebraska, College of Law).
Visit our Endorsements page.
Can I redirect my union dues to another charity?
Those having a religious-based objection to paying union dues to their union, are generally protected by federal law to have their union dues redirected to a charity. PJI provides free legal representation for those having such objections. Click here for Union Dues Opt-Out information.
For cases outside the legal scope of PJI, can PJI refer me to an attorney in my area?
Yes, PJI has a list of affiliate attorneys who have a wide variety of private legal practices. Click here to use our locator system.
What is an "opt out form" and how can I obtain one?
An opt out form is a parent’s written request to their child’s school principal and teachers, to ensure that their children are opted out of curriculum that violates the religious beliefs or convictions of the child’s parents. Click here for our Opt-Out Forms section.
How should I contact PJI if I need legal assistance?
If you are in need of legal assistance click here or if you need a legal referral click here, please take a moment to fill out the appropriate form by following the links to the relevant category sections (e.g. PARENT, SCHOOL, etc.).
Former USA Attorney General, Edwin Meese
I expect Pacific Justice Institute to play a valuable role in defending civil liberties well into the next century. I therefore offer my wholehearted support for this exceptional organization.