Alexander Bumbu

Staff Attorney - Florida

PJI Staff Attorney Alexander Bumbu received his Juris Doctor from the Antonin Scalia Law School of George Mason University in 2019. In 2020, Alexander joined the Pacific Justice Institute to open its Florida office. Because Western Civilization’s general commitment to religious liberty during the last 400 years created an environment friendly to the worldwide propagation of the Gospel, Alexander seeks to defend the religious liberty of all from any who would use the state to persecute religious lifestyles and worldviews that do not conform to their concept of the common good. 

Alexander was raised in the town of Davie, Florida, by Christian parents who had left Communist Romania. His passion for religious liberty was kindled one Sunday evening during his junior year of high school. At the time, he desired to become an anesthesiologist solely for the money offered by that profession. The guest speaking from the pulpit was a religious liberty litigator who briefed the congregation on the state of religious liberty in the United States. The convictions of the litigator’s fights burned within Alexander. After praying about the possibility of a career in religious liberty litigation, Alexander repeatedly got the feeling that defending religious liberty was how the Lord wanted him to serve the Church and bear witness to the truth. Since then, the Lord has blessed Alexander in myriad ways, including legal internships at Liberty Counsel, the office of Senator Rand Paul, the Cato Institute, and a Virginia criminal defense law firm; graduating law school; and having the honor and privilege of opening the Pacific Justice Institute’s Florida office. 

Alexander is admitted to the bar in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of Florida. 


State courts: Virginia (2020) and Florida (2020)
U.S. District Courts: Florida (Southern, Middle, and Northern Districts)