Milton Matchak

Staff Attorney - N. California

I am a 1977 graduate of San Jose State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  I earned my Juris Doctor Degree from Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy in October of 2000.  I am a California licensed attorney, retired from over eighteen and ½ years as a criminal prosecutor for a small California County District Attorney’s Office.  I would like to continue to use my position as an attorney to advance God’s Kingdom and His work.

The entirety of my legal career has been in criminal prosecution except for a very brief stint with a solo practitioner.  I have the experience of hundreds of hours in the courtroom advocating before judges and triers of fact.  I have conducted over twenty jury trials, and dozens of contested hearings such as motions to suppress and preliminary hearings.  But I have always had an interest and desire to practice in constitutional law.  I am also interested in seeing the overturn of the tragedy that is known as Roe v Wade.

Most importantly, I am a Christian, and lover of God’s word.  It is my growing passion to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world around me.  I have a life experience of over 67 years.  I am a husband (over 46 years), father (9 children), grandfather (19 and hoping for more), and lover of people.