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  • Former USA Attorney General, Edwin Meese

    “Pacific Justice Institute is providing an important service to the people of our country by defending our constitutional right to freedom of religious expression. The institute fills a critical need on the West Coast for those whose civil liberties are threatened.”

    “Pacific Justice Institute’s president, attorney Brad Dacus, has established a distinguished track record throughout the West as an effective advocate for countless individuals and religious organizations needing first rate legal assistance. In addition, I have had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Dacus speak, and I found him to be a very inspiring and motivational speaker, combining sincere conviction with practical application of the law.” “I expect Pacific Justice Institute to play a valuable role in defending civil liberties well into the next century. I therefore offer my wholehearted support for this exceptional organization.”

  • Dr. Laura Schlessinger

    “I’m very grateful to them for all they have done… We’re a team.”

  • Former California State Senator Ray Haynes

    “Pacific Justice Institute is the only organization of its kind in California having a broad network of attorneys willing to represent individuals and religious organizations without charge.”

  • Former California Attorney General Dan Lungren

    “One of my top priorities as Attorney General is to restore confidence in our legal system. Your hard work defending civil liberties, including your invaluable service to those who could not otherwise afford legal assistance, will help to restore reverence for our legal system, and thereby for our state and nation. I am confident that Pacific Justice Institute will be successful in carrying out this important mission.”

  • Rev. Greg Laurie, Harvest Christian Fellowship

    “For two decades, Pacific Justice Institute has helped pastors navigate the unique and challenging legal problems churches face. Their attorneys do this out of love, without charge, and with the wisdom God has given them. I strongly commend PJI for their work to advance the kingdom of God.”

  • Former California Assemblyman Steve Baldwin

    “I am very supportive of Pacific Justice Institute and its invaluable goal of defending parents’ fundamental civil liberties. Over the last few years, I have witnessed the effective impact of the legal work performed by PJI’s President, Attorney Brad W. Dacus, during his tenure with The Rutherford Institute. His successful coordination of legal injunctions against the controversial CLAS test resulted in immediate relief for millions of parents throughout California. Through his experience and expertise, Pacific Justice Institute has tremendous potential to serve many citizens throughout the West. I strongly encourage concerned citizens in California to fully support Pacific Justice Institute’s important legal defense of liberty.”

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