Lawsuit Seeks to Allow Enforcement of Nevada’s Parental-Notice Law for Minors Seeking Abortion

Reno, NV – Planned Parenthood describes abortion for young girls in Nevada as follows: “No parental involvement requirement.” Why? Because for over 30 years, a court order has wrongly prohibited enforcement of Nevada’s parental notice laws. PJI is taking action to fix that.

On Dec. 1, 2023, PJI Nevada Attorney Emily Mimnaugh filed a motion on behalf of the Carson City District Attorney and the Lyon County District Attorney asking the federal court to lift its order blocking enforcement of parental notification requirements for minors seeking abortion. In 1985, Governor Richard Bryan (D) signed Nevada’s parental notification requirements into law. Abortion providers Dr. Glick and Planned Parenthood of Washoe County sued, claiming the laws violated federal abortion rights announced in Roe v. Wade. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the abortionists, and as a result the Glick injunction has prevented enforcement of Nevada’s parental notice requirements even since.

In 2022, however, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe, recognizing that “Roe was
egregiously wrong from the start.” Moreover, parental-notification laws were constitutional even under Roe. The Supreme Court’s 1997 ruling in Lambert v. Wicklund expressly rejected the Ninth Circuit’s opinion in Glick.

Attorney Mimnaugh says, “Glick, like Roe, was wrong from the start. A bipartisan legislature overwhelmingly approved notice requirements to safeguard young girls, and the restoration of these protections is long overdue.”

Brad Dacus, President and Founder of PJI, says, “A parental notice requirement for minors seeking abortion was constitutional in 1985 and still is today. Parental notice prioritizes the health and safety of pregnant girls and respects parental rights.”

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