Idaho Legislators Urged to Support Resolution Establishing Traditional Family Values Month

Boise, ID – Idaho State Senator Ben Toews (R-District 4) and Representative Joe Alfieri
(R-District 4) have introduced a resolution, co-written and supported by the Pacific
Justice Institute (PJI), to establish Traditional Family Values Month in the State of Idaho.

“The Traditional Family is the foundation of a healthy, thriving society,” said Brad Dacus,
president and founder of PJI. “At a time when the traditional American family is
declining, PJI is proud to champion Senator Toews’ and Representative Alfieri’s
Traditional Family Values Month resolution which seeks to raise the visibility of the
importance of the traditional family as this viewpoint is being stifled in our current

Under the resolution HCR20, the time between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day would
celebrate the value of a traditional family consisting of a biological female mother and
biological male father, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other extended family.

Research has demonstrated that children raised in traditional families are more likely to
lead successful lives than those who have not experienced the same level of family
security and stability. The benefits include: lower risk of drug addiction, lower
incidences of participating in criminal activities, higher academic achievement, less
mental illness and, fewer teenage pregnancies.

Each week of Traditional Family Values Month would celebrate a different and unique
element of what makes families strong. The first week, inclusive of Mother’s Day, would
be a celebration of motherhood. The second week would be a celebration of sons,
brothers and uncles. The third week would celebrate daughters, sisters and aunts. The
fourth week would celebrate grandparents. The fifth and final week—which includes
Father’s Day—would be a celebration of fatherhood and marriage between a man and a
woman. Businesses, churches, schools and communities would be encouraged to take
part in celebrating Traditional Family Values Month in Idaho.

This groundbreaking resolution marks the first of its kind in the United States.

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