Brad Dacus

Brad Dacus has been a strong media voice in the Christian conservative circles for decades. PJI aims to bring light to the most controversial topics in our country that threaten our freedom’s today.

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The Dacus Report

Christian Talk Radio with Brad Dacus

The Dacus Report seeks to inform listeners of PJI’s cases and resources, and encourages churches, leaders, and parents to boldly and public live out their faith.

Faith & Law

Christian Talk Show With Brad Dacus

Check out our show that airs on networks including NRB TV, American Faith, Salem NOW, Real Life Network, TheDove, TAKEN TV, CTN Las Vegas, and CTN Rocky Mountain.

Legal Edge

.30 & .60 Sec. Short Commentary

The Legal Edge is also translated into Spanish to air on Spanish-speaking Christian radio networks nationwide.

Weekly Legal Edge

The Legal Edge is a 60 and 30 second sound bite covering topics such as PJI cases, resources, legislation, and news stories.

.60 second

Check out places where The Pacific Justice Institute airs The Dacus Report and Legal Edge in the maps below.

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The Dacus Report

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