Pacific Justice Institute Pledges to Defend Against Growing Anti-Semitism in Colleges

Sacramento, CA — Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) announced today their affirmative pledge to protect people across the US from anti-Semitism. After the horrific massacre of over 1,400 Jews by Hamas terrorists, anti-Semitism has exploded in demonstrations and in-class harassment by professors in over 100 universities across America. This has resulted in thousands of Jewish and some Christian students being thrust into continued threats and harassment on a daily basis. With offices from coast to coast, PJI is putting massive resources and efforts into protecting those who are being affected.

“This level of anti-Semitism has reached a shockingly dangerous level that we have not witnessed in such an orchestrated way since the persecution of Jews during Nazi Germany,” said Brad Dacus, President, and founder of Pacific Justice Institute. “That is why PJI has decided to publicly pledge to defend these oppressed students on campuses across America, completely without charge.”

With 36 offices in 26 states and hundreds of affiliate attorneys on standby, PJI is uniquely positioned to protect Jewish and Christian students receiving threats and attacks. “Make no mistake. If these actions and threats are not answered swiftly and decisively, they will only get worse. We simply cannot allow that to happen on our watch,” said Brad Dacus. Those students facing threats and injuries by pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist faculty or students are encouraged to contact the Pacific Justice Institute at or call 916-857-6900.

We are proud to say that for over 25 years, always without charge, PJI’s unique goal is to ensure that no one is left on the side of the road concerning their representation and defense of critical religious freedoms, parental rights, and sanctity of life issues.