Kindergartener Told He Can’t Sing Christian Song At School

pacific justice institute Press release about Kindergartener

Chula Vista, CA—A talented Salt Creek Elementary School kindergartener was recently turned down from playing the guitar while singing a song at his school’s upcoming May 23 talent show. The unwarranted—and unconstitutional—rejection didn’t come due to lack of talent but because the song, “Our God Is Mercy,” is a Christian song.

When the young student was told that he wouldn’t be in the show, he was crushed. The student’s mother contacted Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) for assistance and Senior Counsel Michael Peffer stepped in to help correct the situation.

In a letter to the Principal, citing legal precedents on the issue, Peffer explains, “Because such censorship on the basis of a student’s religious beliefs is a violation of his constitutional rights, we write to request that you immediately allow [the student] to perform his song at the upcoming talent show.”

Brad Dacus, President of PJI, noted, “This issue exemplifies the ongoing fear from school administrators to allow anything even remotely connected to Christianity in the school. In their attempt to avoid the wrath of anti-religionists, misguided school officials end up inadvertently embracing secularism as the school’s official religion.”

In light of the case-law sent to school administrators, PJI is hopeful that they will make the right decision.  The school, however, has not released a final decision on the issue.

5/20/2013 Update: School Changed Decision (VIDEO)

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