California Senate Passes Bill That Threatens Boy Scouts,Values-Based Youth Groups

pacific justice institute Press release about Senate Passes Bill

Sacramento, CA–In yet another attack on values-based youth groups, the California Senate passed SB 323—introduced by Sen. Ricardo Lara—yesterday in a 27 to 9 vote. This bill threatens to revoke certain tax-exemptions for non-profit youth groups that do not embrace homosexuality, or gender identity disorder.

“SB 323 isn’t aimed at acceptance or tolerance, it’s aimed at bullying and intimidating youth groups who don’t share Sen. Lara’s beliefs,” said Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute. “Forcing Boy Scouts to allow biological females to camp with the boys because they identify as a boy is ludicrous,” Dacus noted in reference to the “gender identity” clause of the bill.

PJI is leading the cause to fight against this bill’s passage. You can learn more about SB 323 on their website,

SB 323 now heads to the Assembly to be voted on.


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