Just Announced—Privacy Petitions Available

Sacramento, CA–The Privacy for All coalition has announced that official petitions are now available for signature gathering in a major new effort to protect privacy.
Pacific Justice Institute is a proud part of the coalition and is making short-form petitions available for download on its website, PJI.org.  Brad Dacus, the president of PJI, commented, “We are excited about this new effort that will not only protect students, but all Californians.” 

The new Privacy for All initiative seeks to extend the success of the earlier Privacy for All Students campaign, which gathered approximately 620,000 signatures in an effort to repeal AB 1266, the so-called “co-ed school bathroom bill.”  While the repeal effort is continuing in court, the new initiative takes a proactive approach and would extend privacy protections in bathrooms, locker rooms and other intimate spaces beyond schools.  The new initiative would protect privacy in all government buildings, including schools, and it would give businesses the option—and customers to vote with their feet—as to what level of privacy protection they will offer.  The measure also allows proponents to defend it in court if state authorities will not do so.  
Organizers note that, due to a low turnout in the previous gubernatorial election, the threshold for signature-gathering has dropped significantly.  Thus, if the coalition gathers the same number of signatures as were gathered for the AB 1266 referendum, the measure will qualify for the ballot.   
“This may be our last real opportunity to take back our privacy rights from a government that has shown utter disregard for them,” noted Dacus. “It is crucial that every citizen who cares about our constitutional freedoms sign this petition.”

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