PJI Sounds Alarm on Attempt to Criminalize Critic of Supreme Court Marriage Decision

Newport Beach, CA–Supporters of traditional marriage remain wary after a city councilman called for one of his colleagues to be censored for commenting on the recent Supreme Court decision.

The Newport Beach City Council voted 4-3 Tuesday night to disassociate itself from an e-mail to constituents by Councilman Scott Peotter.  City Councilman Keith Curry had pushed for a censure and referral to the District Attorney for possible prosecution because of Peotter’s use of a picture of the City Seal in the background of his email.  In July, Peotter had commented on the Supreme Court’s highly controversial decision mandating same-sex marriage nationwide.

Peotter noted the irony of the LGBT movement’s use of the rainbow showing a picture of the White House bathed in rainbow colors the night of the Supreme Court’s decision in his newsletter, when the rainbow was originally given by God as a sign to Noah after the Great Flood.  According to the Orange County Register, local LGBT activists expressed dissatisfaction with Tuesday night’s vote, claiming Peotter’s comments were hate speech and created a hostile work environment.

PJI attorneys sent a letter to the City Council and spoke at a previous meeting, cautioning them against punishing Peotter for his exercise of free speech.  Brad Dacus, the president of PJI, commented, “It is alarming that some politicians and activists now believe that expressing support for traditional marriage should be prosecuted.  This situation should be a wake-up call to all Americans.  We face an ominous future of further repression, coercion and censorship unless we speak and act now in defense of our constitutional freedoms.”

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