PJI Launches New Effort to Save Scouts, Students from “Gender Insanity”

pacific justice institute Press release about Saving Students


Sacramento, CA–The Pacific Justice Institute is announcing the launch of a new website and resources designed to counter two legislative bills that threaten the existence of the boy Scouts and would mandate some of the most aggressive invasions of privacy, freedom of association and religious freedom ever proposed in the name of LGBT rights.

The new site, www.GenderInsanity.com, spotlights two bills pending in the California legislature. Senate Bill (SB) 323 threatens to revoke tax exemptions from the Boy Scouts and many other non-profits, including religious schools, that do not affirm transgender or homosexual lifestyles. Meanwhile, Assembly Bill (AB) 1266 would require that K-12 public schools allow any student to use any “facilities” such as bathrooms and locker rooms, and join any sports team, based solely on the student’s subjective “gender identity,” not anatomical gender.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, explained, “Forcing boys and girls to share bathrooms, locker rooms and sleeping arrangements is not equality; it is insanity. We are taking the extraordinary step of launching this new website and leading this fight because we see these mandates as a line in the sand we cannot afford to cross. Almost every family in California will be affected to some degree.” Dacus further explained the need for united action. “We can defeat these bills, but it is going to take parents being willing to write letters and make phone calls to their legislators. It is going to take Boy Scout troops showing up at the Capitol. Our greatest enemies are not rogue politicians, but complacency and a false sense of inevitability.”

Much more information, including sample letters and legislators’ contact information, is available at www.GenderInsanity.com.

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