Press Releases

Sacramento Officials Deadlock on Library Internet Porn

25 Apr, 2008

Sacramento, CA – After hours of public debate, the Sacramento Public Library Authority Board deadlocked 7-7 late yesterday on whether to continue allowing patrons to access pornography on library computers. The tie vote means current library policy will remain unchanged. That … Read More

Save Our Kids Coalition Launches New Initiative Drive to Reverse Effects of SB 777

10 Apr, 2008

  Sacramento, CA – The Save Our Kids Coalition, which has worked tirelessly for the past several months to combat the effects of SB 777, is announcing that official petitions are ready and available online to be printed and signed by … Read More

VA Settles Religious Discrimination Claim Filed by PJI

1 Apr, 2008

Long Beach, CA – After nearly three years of legal wrangling, the Veterans Administration hospital in Long Beach has settled a religious discrimination claim filed by Pacific Justice Institute on behalf of an employee in the hospital’s Patient Business Office. The … Read More

Special Bulletin: Homeschool Ruling Vacated; Court Will Reconsider

26 Mar, 2008

California – Pacific Justice Institute has just received word that the court ruling which declared most forms of homeschooling unlawful in California has been vacated. This means the Rachel L. decision, which has sparked a nationwide uproar, will not go into … Read More

Media/Action Alert: Sacramento Library Board May Increase Access to Porn

24 Mar, 2008

Sacramento, CA – The Sacramento Public Library Authority Board is being pushed by the ACLU to increase access to pornography on taxpayer funded computers. The Board will consider the ACLU’s demands at its meeting this Thursday, March 27, in the chambers … Read More

Special Bulletin: PJI Files Court Documents in Home School Case

25 Feb, 2008

  Washington, D.C. – Late Friday, Pacific Justice Institute filed numerous court documents in response to the Rachel L. homeschool decision. PJI formally asked the Second District Court of Appeal to allow Sunland Christian Schools to intervene in the case. The … Read More

Under Pressure, Lawmaker Amends Bill Forcing Charities to Disclose Employees’ Sexual Orientation

19 Feb, 2008

Sacramento, CA – Following public outcry and opposition from pro-family organizations to AB 624, its author has deleted some of its most controversial provisions. Earlier this month, PJI reported that AB 624 would require large charities to disclose and post on … Read More

California Irony: Cathedral City Calls Church Message a “Nuisance”

12 Feb, 2008

Cathedral City, CA – A small church has found itself facing the wrath of local government for a simple yet profound message painted on its roof. In a twist of irony that appears to have been lost on local officials, the … Read More

CA Bill Would Force Charities to Disclose Sexual Orientation of Employees, Grantees

4 Feb, 2008

Sacramento, CA – A bill working its way through the California legislature would require large charities to disclose the race, gender and sexual orientations of their board members, employees, grant recipients and subcontractors. The bill, AB 624, would affect private, corporate … Read More

PJI Counters ACLU, Planned Parenthood Efforts to End Parental Notification

30 Jan, 2008

San Diego, CA – The ACLU and Planned Parenthood are pushing San Diego’s school board to end longstanding policies which require parental notification when students are pregnant and contemplating abortion, and parental consent before students leave campus, including trips to abortion … Read More