Teachers Outraged as Their Union Gives More Than $1 Million to Promote Gay Marriage

Sacramento, CA – Teachers across California are expressing dismay upon learning that their union has spent more than $1 million of members’ dues money to push for gay marriage.

The California Teachers Association previously gave a hefty $250,000 to oppose Prop. 8, which would restore the traditional definition of marriage in California. Last week, CTA poured in an additional $1 million to fight the measure, which is showing increased approval by voters. Ironically, CTA is heavily funding the fight against Prop. 8 while at the same time insisting that the measure will not affect teaching or education.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, isn’t buying it. “If CTA has its way, we can expect to see more first-graders taking field trips to lesbian weddings, more elementary-age students subjected to transgender teachers and events like ‘Coming Out Week,’ and more students taught that gay marriage is normal. We do not believe those values represent most Californians, or even most teachers.” Dacus continued, “There is a way teachers can say ‘Enough’ to CTA’s radical agenda. Under federal and state law, teachers and all other unionized employees whose religious values are not honored by their unions have the right to disassociate and pert the full amount of their union dues to charity.”

Similarly, a few weeks ago, energy giant PG&E announced a $250,000 donation to defeat Prop. 8. In response, PJI publicized a low-cost, pro-marriage, alternative natural gas supplier which is available in most California markets. Recently, an estimated 4,500+ customers (e.g., homes, churches, businesses) have already visited www.NOtoPGE.com to make the switch. PJI is expecting a similar response to CTA. “For years, we have had a steady stream of teachers and other unionized employees contact us wanting to disassociate from the radical views of their unions,” noted PJI Staff Attorney Matthew McReynolds. “With CTA’s latest announcement, we expect that stream to become a torrent.” More information about perting union dues to charity is available at www.ChooseCharity.org, or by calling Pacific Justice Institute directly at the number below.