Support Marriage? Drop PG&E

Sacramento, CA – After San Francisco based PG&E recently decided to donate $250,000 to oppose Proposition 8, thousands of their pro-marriage customers have expressed their outrage. However, while many feel compelled to sign petitions of protest, legal researchers of Pacific Justice Institute have found that all PG&E natural gas users have a legal right to drop PG&E.

Specifically, all residential and non-residential consumers can choose an alternative natural gas provider that does not agree with PG&E’s controversial positions and actions. In addition, it was also uncovered that alternative providers, year over year, have reported saving their customers up to 15% off their natural gas bill compared to PG&E.

“There is no reason why pro-marriage homes, small businesses, corporations, apartment owners, schools or churches should continue to support a company like PG&E that is so opposed to the preservation of marriage,” said Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute. “When one also realizes the large historic savings for those who switch, this really becomes a no-brainer. It is just a matter of getting out the information to the many who are simply unaware of their rights under law.”

To switch today from PG&E to another natural gas provider, go

Please feel free to share this timely communication to anyone who may object to utility companies choosing to financially oppose the preservation of marriage.