PJI Comment on Texas Ruling Against Transgender Overreach

Wichita Falls, TX–A federal judge today hit the brakes on a controversial attempt by the Obama Administration to pressure schools nationwide to blur the lines between boys and girls. 
U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor issued a preliminary injunction in favor of Texas and numerous other states challenging the policy.  The ruling means that the federal government cannot withdraw funding from the states while the lawsuit moves forward because they resist the Administration’s reinterpretation of Title IX.   

Brad Dacus, the founder and president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “This ruling is a terrific early win for states, schools, students and parents who have been fighting for common sense, safety and privacy.  The court recognized that the Obama Administration overreached by attempting to rewrite federal law.  This ruling is a game-changer by halting the momentum of the transgender lobby and allowing everyone to take a deep breath so sanity can prevail.” 
The Texas ruling follows the Supreme Court’s move to halt a controversial decision by the Virginia-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.  The Fourth Circuit had approved the Administration’s rewrite of Title IX.    
Pacific Justice Institute began warning parents several years ago about the coming deluge of problems arising from gender confusion in the public schools.  PJI continues to battle California’s first-in-the-nation transgender school bill, AB 1266, in court.