PJI Assists Blacklisted Prop. 8 Supporters

Sacramento, CA – In the wake of threats to the safety and livelihoods of people and groups who supported Prop. 8, Pacific Justice Institute is offering legal assistance and closely monitoring potential violations of the law.

“Californians have been shocked by the aggressiveness of radical homosexual activists who have ousted several inpiduals from their jobs and livelihoods based solely on their support for traditional marriage,” stated Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute. “These tactics of fear and intimidation in retaliation for supporting a lawful ballot measure are completely unacceptable.”

PJI is contacting each of the Prop. 8 supporters whose names have been publicized on the internet in an attempt to target their jobs and businesses. PJI is offering legal support to those who may have experienced acts of violence, vandalism, interference with their places of worship, or dismissal from their jobs. PJI is currently representing a woman in San Francisco who was terminated from her job because of her vote in favor of Prop. 8. PJI is also advising other inpiduals whose jobs have been threatened or taken away because they supported Prop. 8 but cannot discuss the details pending confidential settlement negotiations.

Attorney Karen Milam, the full-time director of PJI’s Southern California office, commented, “We have fielded numerous requests for help related to the aftermath of Prop. 8, including alarming instances of intimidation by those who could not convince the people of California to support their agenda at the ballot box. We will continue to reach out to Prop. 8 supporters to ensure that threats and bullying do not undermine the democratic process.”

In addition to the blacklists, gay leaders have announced that Wednesday is a “Day Without a Gay,” in which gays and lesbians are encouraged to skip work and refrain from spending any money. According to its organizers, “A day without gays would be tragic because it would be a day without love.”