Petition to Overturn School Bathroom Bill Now Available


Sacramento, CA—A petition to place the recently enacted California School Bathroom Bill, AB 1266, up to the people for vote is now available for download online. A link to the referendum petition can be found on Pacific Justice Institute’s special website,

In order for the referendum to be successful, supporters will need to acquire roughly 500,000 signed petitions from citizens across the state by early November. If successful, the Bathroom Bill will then be placed on hold before it goes up for vote in the next State general election in November of 2014.

Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), said, “The passage of this bill is nothing less than irresponsible behavior by State lawmakers. To jeopardize the safety and privacy of young children all for the fear of offending the forceful LGBT lobby is disturbing.” He continued, “We’re happy that parents and citizens now have the recourse to challenge this law and make sure all students are protected.”

In addition to signing the referendum petition, PJI also encourages parents to download from the Notice of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy to give to their public school administrators. This notice helps protect students from not just privacy concerns that the Bathroom Bill and similar school policies bring, but also issues from the Common Core standards.

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