Media Alert: A Close Vote Due for California’s “Values Tax”

Sacramento, CAThe California State Assembly is due as early as this week for a final vote on the Anti-Boy Scouts Bill, Senate Bill 323. Because it would increase taxes, it requires a 2/3 vote of approval. This bill threatens non-profit youth groups by denying them certain tax exemptions if they do not embrace homosexuality and “gender identity”—the belief that you can be a different gender than your biological sex.

SB 323 has garnered opposition from not just supporters of Boy Scouts, but also those who see this for what it is: a values tax. Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute, previously noted about Senator Lara, the bill’s author, that “SB 323 isn’t aimed at acceptance or tolerance, it’s aimed at bullying and intimidating youth groups who don’t share Sen. Lara’s beliefs.”

PJI has led the cause to fight against this bill’s passage. In addition to testifying in both committee hearings of the State Assembly, PJI launched to teach the public about the ramifications of this law.

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