Modern Family? Birth Certificate Bill Offers New Options

pacific justice institute Press release about Modern Family

Sacramento, CA–California is well on its way to further redefining the family, this time through a bill that would change state-issued birth certificates.

AB 1951, by Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez (D-Los Angeles), would alter birth certificates to offer couples expanded choices for designating themselves.  According to its sponsor, Equality California, “Assembly Bill 1951 would allow parents to self-designate as ‘father,’ ‘mother’ or ‘parent,’ eliminating inaccurate designations and confusion for LGBT parents.”

The bill would thus allow a lesbian couple to state on a birth certificate that a child has two mothers, a mother and female “father,” or two female “fathers.”  Likewise, a gay couple could self-identify as two fathers, a father and a male “mother,” or two male “mothers.”

Pacific Justice Institute sent a letter to Asm. Gomez formally opposing AB 1951.  The bill passed through the Assembly late last week and is now in the Senate.  AB 1951 is supported by the ACLU, the mayor and City Council of Los Angeles, the AFSCME union, Planned Parenthood of California, and several gay rights groups.

Brad Dacus, the president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “In a season where we have just celebrated Mother’s Day and will be celebrating Father’s Day next month, it is astounding that lawmakers want to render these concepts meaningless.  Playing a labeling game does not change the reality of whether one is a dad or a mom.  These types of absurd laws make our state a laughingstock and diminish respect for the law.  They also make it clearer than ever that redefining marriage is just the starting point for LGBT activists who want to redefine everything about the family.”

Californians should contact their state Senators to voice their concerns about AB 1951. Citizens in all states are encouraged to ask candidates seeking election in this year’s midterm elections whether they support or oppose redefining marriage, family, and gender.

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