City Leaders in Sacramento, Elsewhere Mull Officially Condemning Prop. 8

Sacramento, CA – The Sacramento City Council will consider today whether to officially add the city’s name to a legal brief opposing Proposition 8. Cities and counties throughout California are weighing similar actions – even in jurisdictions where a majority of voters favored the measure.

Today’s City Council meeting in Sacramento is slated to begin at 2 p.m. An attorney from Pacific Justice Institute will be on hand to remind the Council that it has no authority to officially oppose a voter-approved ballot measure. Sacramento residents are also encouraged to voice their concerns by attending the meeting or calling the office of their elected Councilmember.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “There is no basis in California law for a local government to denounce a vote by its own people. At a time when cities and counties are struggling to balance their budgets, it is irresponsible to spend time and money debating issues that have already been settled by the voters. We urge all Californians to contact their local city council members and county supervisors to demand assurances that they will not work to undercut the people’s decision.”

Pacific Justice Institute has submitted briefing to the California Supreme Court arguing that cities and counties have no legal standing to dispute the validity of Prop. 8. Citizens who become aware that their city or county is considering joining a legal brief against Prop. 8 should contact PJI immediately. The cities of Berkeley, Cloverdale, Davis, Long Beach, Palm Springs and West Hollywood, as well as the town of Fairfax and the counties of Humboldt and Sonoma, have already joined a brief against Prop. 8. Other cities and counties, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, have filed their own lawsuit against Prop. 8.