BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Workers’ Free Speech Rights

Washington, DC–The United States Supreme Court today issued a much-anticipated decision in favor of workers’ free speech rights.  The Court overturned four decades of precedent through which unions forced employees to join or subsidize collective bargaining.  The ruling today recognized something that First Amendment advocates have been saying for years—that such compulsion is antithetical to constitutional principles.

Mark Janus, a social worker in the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, filed suit against the union he was forced to pay thousands of dollars in fees to, arguing that such financial support of a political organization he does not agree with is compelled speech and mandated association.  His lawsuit has overthrown the Abood case which states have used to force nonmembers to pay union fees since 1977. 

Brad Dacus, Founder and President of PJI, stated, “For more than 20 years, Pacific Justice Institute has been representing employees with conscientious objections to joining or subsidizing union activities.  We believe every employee should be able to freely choose whether to join a union.  Today’s decision is an important and long overdue advancement for freedom in the workplace.”   

As our attention turns to the legality of forced private unionization, we encourage non-government workers to visit to find out how they can pert all dues to a charity of their choice. 

Watch the Reaction From Brad Dacus on the Ruling