12 Practical Ways for Civic Stewardship

  1. Be involved in serving the Lord through His church in our community. 
  2. Bring lunch to our mayor and city council members and tell them we are praying for them. 
  3. Email or call state and county officials and ask them for specific prayer requests and what our church can do to help. 
  4. Attend city council meetings and speak up for Biblical values, religious liberty and the freedom of speech. 
  5. Research the agenda of school board meetings and find out what is being pushed or taught to the children in our community. 
  6. Run for school board or for any other open positions on an upcoming ballot. 
  7. Try to have someone from your church at all the polling locations each election. 
  8. Keep up to date on all of the legislation being proposed by state and federal officials. 
  9. Write thank you notes when something good is accomplished or decided. 
  10. Attend county precinct meetings and be vocal about what is being placed on the platforms. 
  11. Call and send emails when something is being passed that does not align with biblical or constitutional values.
  12. Register to vote and encourage friends and family to do the same.