We Have Exciting News To Share!

May 3, 2021
Media Contact: Brad Dacus, 916-616-4126

Great news! We are opening our 11th PJI office today! Our main offices will still reside in California, but we cannot ignore the cry for local help across our country.

We answered the invitation and today we begin our residency in the great state of Ohio.  Ohio is home to 12 million people; it’s the seventh most populous state in the country.  Ohio joins the states of California (two offices), New York/New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Mississippi where PJI has local offices with staff attorneys.  

We are living in crucial times where the American people are losing their fundamental right to speech and religion. Because of the growing need and help from our faithful supporters, we are making a greater effort to increase PJI’s footprint across the country,” stated PJI Founder and President Brad Dacus.


PJI opens new office in Ohio


We are prepared for the challenge and look forward to answering the call in Ohio to serve those in need, without charge, whose religious freedoms, parental rights and other civil liberties are threatened.  We are proud to say that for over 23 years, PJI has not left anyone on the side of the road as it relates to their representation and defense on these critical issues.

Whitney Webster, PJI’s new Ohio attorney stated,  “I am honored to be part of launching PJI’s new office in the state of Ohio. It is truly exciting that PJI’s legal services in defending religious freedom are being brought here to the Midwest!”

As in our other local offices, PJI will surely be proactively influencing proposed state legislation.  The Ohio state legislature is putting forth important bills now on the matters of the sanctity of life, vaccine passports and the protection against discrimination for people who choose not to get the COVID vaccine.

As the top Non Profit Legal Defense Organization, we appreciate your partnership so much and will press on to give voice, defense and legal support to those who struggle against the forces of oppression. Contribute today!