Update: Anti-homeschool Bill Delayed but Still a Threat

Sacramento, CA–A bill in the California Legislature that has alarmed homeschooling families has been delayed by two weeks.
Last week, Pacific Justice Institute reported that Assembly Bill (AB) 2926 would be heard by the Assembly Education Committee on April 11.  That hearing has now been rescheduled for April 25.  The Bill would create an advisory committee to come up with “additional requirements” for homeschooling.  The Bill specifically directs the advisory committee to consider regulations such as health and safety inspections of the homes of homeschooling families; state-mandated curriculum standards; and credentialing, or certification of parents in order to teach their children.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “While we’re encouraged that this latest attack on homeschooling families has been delayed, this is no time for inaction.  Instead, we urge families to seize this opportunity to make calls and request face-to-face meetings with their Assembly members over the next two weeks.  These lawmakers need to hear firsthand the impact their votes will have on their constituents.”
The members of the Assembly Education Committee and the phone numbers of their Capitol offices are as follows: 

Patrick O’Donnell (Chair), 916-319-2070
Kevin Kiley (Vice Chair), 916-319-2006
Asha Kalra, 916-319-2027
Kevin McCarty, 916-319-2007
Marc Steinorth, 916-319-2040
Tony Thurmond, 916-319-2015
Shirley N. Weber, 916-319-2079