Thousands of Union Workers Expected to Opt-Out of All Union Dues

California – A national campaign called ChooseCharity launched Monday, empowering virtually every union worker in America to simply opt-out of union dues and have them perted to a charity of their choice.

Confirmed by years of case law pursuant to Title VII, unions are required to allow workers to pert their union dues when the worker can show that supporting their union violates their sincerely held religious beliefs, or who have moral convictions against the immoral practices of unions, or who morally disagree with the concept of unions themselves.

In the past, unions have complied with such wishes, but usually only after making it difficult to do so. ChooseCharity intends to change that. Union workers who wish to opt-out can visit where they will find a simple application process that requires no additional out-of-pocket costs. Once the application is submitted, the ChooseCharity legal staff will take care of the rest of the process.

Former US Attorney General Edwin Meese said: “Unions often use compulsory dues to fund issues or candidates that their inpidual members may find morally objectionable. . . . ChooseCharity is designed to help union members exercise their civil rights, making it simple for them to reliably ensure that their dues do not fund causes and issues that violate their conscience[.]” 

“ChooseCharity has the potential of being a major game changer,” says ChooseCharity Public Affairs Coordinator Craig Huey. “For example, liberal unions who support pro-abortion candidates will no longer be able to take for granted the financial support of the large number of dues payers who are pro-life.”

The ability to opt-out and participate in this process is open to union members of all states—regardless of whether it is a right-to-work state or not.

For more information, or to become a union objector, visit:

ChooseCharity Media Contact: Craig Huey 310-212-5727