Super (Toilet) Bowl:  SF Encourages Peeing in Public 

San Francisco, CA–With the world’s attention focused on the Bay Area for this weekend’s Super Bowl, some visitors might find themselves confronting San Francisco’s latest incredulity:  City-sponsored public urination.
Local residents have begun complaining to officials about what they’re seeing at the corner of Church and 20th Streets, adjacent to a public park and public transit station. Approximately $15,000 was reportedly spent to construct a small, semi-circular wall, about waist high with a hole in the cement, intended for public urination.  The location includes no roof and no door, so those using the facility are clearly visible from the sidewalk, passing trains, the park and nearby multi-story housing.  

So far, complaints have gone unheeded, so community leaders are convening a press conference tomorrow to highlight their concerns.  Pacific Justice Institute will participate in the press conference, which will take place Friday, February 5, beginning 11 a.m. at the following location:    
Salvation Army
1450 Powell Street, 4th floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 781-7360
Ahead of the press conference, PJI is sending a letter to SF officials outlining legal concerns  with the facility.  Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “This is a new low even for San Francisco.  It is also blatantly illegal.  The City has not even attempted to comply with its own ordinances, much less state or federal law.  We intend to hold them accountable.  Public urination is bad enough; spending taxpayer money to promote it is indefensible.” 

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