State-mandated Hypocrisy?  Bill Would Prevent Pro-life Groups From Practicing Their Beliefs

Sacramento, CA–Legislation now making its way through the California Legislature could have the startling effect of preventing pro-life schools, organizations, and even churches from practicing what they preach.
AB 569 by Assembly member Gonzales-Fletcher (D-San Diego) claims that reproductive choices—such as abortion—should be no concern of religious employers.  The sweeping legislation would therefore require employers—with no listed exceptions—to drop all expectations that employees respect the sanctity of life in their own lives.  Thus, a Christian school that teaches life begins at conception or a pro-life advocacy organization would be expected under the new rules to ignore employee conduct that contradicts those stated beliefs.

​The Pacific Justice Institute – Center for Public Policy (PJI-CPP) is sending a detailed opposition letter to legislators today.  The next key hearing for AB 569 is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25, in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  PJI has also prepared an analysis of the bill in question-and-answer format and contact information for all committee members who are expected to consider and vote on the bill.  PJI-CPP strongly encourages citizens, church leaders, schools, and pro-life advocates to begin making phone calls to legislative offices in advance of next week’s hearing.   
Brad Dacus, the president of PJI-CPP, commented, “This latest attempt by our Legislature to strangle voices of conscience is unjust and unconstitutional.  There is no true religious freedom without the freedom to put faith into practice, both as an inpidual and as a religious community.”

Letter to Assembly Judiciary Committee

Key Info on California AB 569

Judiciary Committee Contact Information