Second Lawsuit Asserts Breach of Common Core Opt-out Rights

Ventura, CA–On the heels of a groundbreaking lawsuit challenging a school district in Los Angeles for failing to inform parents of their opt-out rights, a similar lawsuit has now been filed in neighboring Ventura County.
Pacific Justice Institute filed the second lawsuit late last week against Conejo Valley Unified School District, which is northwest of Los Angeles.  PJI has filed documents with the court showing that CVUSD did not comply with California law requiring it to tell parents that they could opt their children out of the controversial Common Core testing. 

​Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “School districts cannot keep parents in the dark about their rights to opt their children out of common core testing.  If school districts think they can get away with violating these clear requirements, they are greatly mistaken.”
PJI staff attorney Michael Peffer is lead counsel in both lawsuits.  He noted, “The California Education Code and Code of Regulations grant parents a number of important rights that serve as checks and balances to the educational bureaucracy.  When these rights are ignored, the system is out of balance.  This lawsuit aims to restore parental choice, increase transparency, and challenge the status quo.”       
Both lawsuits have been filed as petitions for writs of mandate, a more streamlined mechanism for resolving clear violations of law than most other types of lawsuits.  

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