SB 48 Referendum Falls Short, But the Fight is Just Beginning

 Sacramento, CA
The StopSB48 coalition announced this afternoon that, despite the heroic efforts of hundreds of volunteers, not enough signatures had been collected to stop implementation of the law on January 1. Thus, voters will not get a chance to vote on the controversial law that mandates LGBT-friendly history and social studies in California public schools.

Pacific Justice Institute drafted the referendum and worked day and night with pro-family allies to inform voters and warn parents about the consequences of failing to overturn the law. Brad Dacus, president of PJI, commented on today’s announcement, “Obviously, we are extremely disappointed that we did not get the needed signatures. At the same time, we are encouraged that, with almost no money but a dedicated band of volunteers, we were able to collect nearly half a million signatures. We are absolutely convinced that most Californians, if given the chance, would vote to overturn SB 48, and we are committed to redoubling our efforts to engage citizens who have tuned out Sacramento politicians. Unfortunately, what people don’t know about their out-of-control government can really hurt them—and their kids.”

Dacus estimated that the StopSB48 coalition gathered more than two-thirds of the needed signatures while spending less than two percent of the amount spent by some other recent campaigns to place initiatives on the ballot. This level of efficiency, he believes, will draw more coalition partners and donors to ensure the next such effort succeeds.

Pacific Justice Institute expects that, as a result of SB 48, many parents will encounter highly objectionable material in their children’s schools, as early as this school year. If this happens to you, please contact PJI immediately through our website,