Private Schools, Youth Sports Must Accept Biological-Boys on Girls’ Teams and in Bathrooms to Keep Non-Profit Tax Exemptions

pacific justice institute Press release about Youth Sports

Sacramento, CA—California Senate Bill 323, known as the “Anti-Boy Scouts Bill” is scheduled to resurface as it now faces the State Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee on August 12 at 1:30 p.m. at the Capitol. Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) plans to be at the hearing with more than 1,900 signed petitions from concerned citizens in opposition to the bill.

SB 323 would remove certain tax exemptions from non-profit organizations that do not embrace “gender identity” and homosexuality. While SB 323 is specifically aimed at forcing the Boy Scouts of America to compromise their moral restrictions, the text of the bill has a much further impact.

In a letter dated August 6, from PJI staff attorney Matthew McReynolds to the Committee members, McReynolds states, “the bill’s imposition of ‘gender identity’ acceptance on virtually all youth sports in California is untenable and out of step with the reasonable privacy expectations of the vast majority of families.” He continued that the bill, “in conjunction with AB 1266 (which addresses public schools), establishes a gender-blind scheme that most parents believe to be absurd.”

Brad Dacus, President of PJI, noted that this bill would also push non-profit religious-based schools to compromise and let boys into the girls’ bathroom—and vice-versa—or lose certain tax-exemptions. “This same group of LGBT activists that push so hard for anti-bullying programs are apparently producing them but not learning from them,” Dacus said.

In reference to AB 1266, the School Bathroom Bill which would require public schools to allow youth to use bathrooms and play on sports teams of the opposite sex, Dacus suggested, “instead of the Anti-Boy Scouts Bill, maybe we should call SB 323 the Private School Bathroom Bill.”

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