PJI Launches “Operation Pushback

Sacramento, CA—Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) proudly announces the launch of “Operation Pushback” today in an effort to aid thousands of parents protecting their children from forced vaccination and thousands of employees purged from the workplace for their religious convictions. PJI is the only legal organization leading in the defense of individuals who have sincerely held religious beliefs that prevent them from complying with COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

To successfully launch “Operation Pushback”, PJI is focused on three main components:

  • PJI is recruiting additional attorneys across America to take wrongful termination cases in every state without any charge to the clients. Attorneys who join “Operation Pushback” will have the full support of PJI’s 19 offices throughout the country. If you are a practicing attorney, or know someone who is, and wish to join “Operation Pushback”, please contact PJI by emailing Attorneyjoin@PJI.org.


  • PJI is distributing this flyer that guides employees, parents of K-12 students, college students, and military personnel to our free legal resources on how to exercise their rights and protect themselves. This flyer can be downloaded, printed out, and distributed at various events such as school board meetings and rallies where PJI can be of assistance to those in desperate need of legal help.


  • PJI attorneys are available throughout the country to appear at speaking engagements and connect with as many groups as possible to help them understand their religious rights whether at school or in the workplace. If you want a PJI attorney from one of PJI’s 19 offices to speak at an event, call PJI’s main office at (916) 857-6900.

Join PJI in the pushback of oppressive government mandates. PJI’s legal team is already in the process of helping thousands of individuals navigate their rights and take the proper legal steps with their schools and employers, and “Operation Pushback” will ensure that every person receives the legal help they need. Now is the time to close ranks in the fight for religious freedoms.

Those wishing to support “Operation Pushback”, please click the here.