PJI Launches New Office for Inland Empire

Riverside, CA – The Pacific Justice Institute is announcing the opening of a new office in Riverside, California, to serve the Inland Empire. Pacific Justice Institute is a non-profit legal organization that defends religious freedom in a wide variety of contexts. PJI’s current cases include defense of inauguration prayer at the U.S. Supreme Court; a major free speech case at the California Supreme Court, and a church land-use case at the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that is likely to create a significant precedent.

The new PJI office is headed by attorney Brian Gibson and will be operated in conjunction with California Baptist University. The office will provide internship opportunities for CBU students seeking to gain hands-on experience in the arenas of government and public policy.

Since its founding by Brad Dacus in 1997, PJI has grown to include five offices in California, located in Sacramento, the Bay Area, Orange County, the Inland Empire and San Diego. Among its five offices, PJI handles more requests for help each year than any other organization of its kind on the West Coast. PJI is able to handle a large caseload due to its network of more than 500 affiliate attorneys in California.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, stated, “We are thankful for our partnership with CBU and the milestone this opening represents. We are humbled and privileged to serve the faith community in California and beyond. Since we provide all our legal services at no charge to our clients, we are very appreciative of and dependent on the support of our many friends.”