PJI Launches Center for Public Policy, Efforts to Reform CPS

Sacramento, CA – The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is launching its new Center for Public Policy (CPP), a 501(c)(4) organization, this week in an effort to assist California legislators to enact laws benefiting all Californians.

First up on CPP’s agenda: reforming Child Protective Services. Created to protect California children from abusive home environments, the agency has garnered a reputation for abusing its power, particularly where minorities are concerned.

“We hope to build a broad, bipartisan coalition of people to address a common problem that is causing great harm to our communities,” PJI President Brad Dacus said. “The greatest invasion of minority rights is not in the schools or in the workplace. It appears at their doorstep when social workers seek to break up their families.”

Reforming CPS is one of many undertakings CPP will be involved in as it seeks a more proactive role in matters of public policy.

If you would like to contribute to CPP, please click here if you are visiting PJI’s website (www.pacificjustice.org) or contact PJI by mail at P.O. Box 276600, Sacramento, CA 95827-6600. Please note that donations to 501(c)(4) organizations like CPP are not tax-deductible.