PJI Condemns Sodomite Suppression Act

Orange County, CA–Pacific Justice Institute issued the following statement today in response to the recent announcement that a Huntington Beach attorney had submitted a proposed initiative to the California Attorney General that he is calling the Sodomite Suppression Act.  The initiative, which has zero chance of ever becoming law, claims to authorize vigilante execution of homosexuals.

Brad Dacus, the founder and president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “As leaders in the pro-family movement and strong defenders of natural marriage, religious freedom, and the rule of law, we must speak out against the appalling and absurd publicity stunt known as the Sodomite Suppression Act.  This effort represents only the extreme views of its author, and it has nothing in common with initiatives we have supported like Prop. 8 or our ongoing efforts to qualify a referendum on AB 1266.  While we regularly disagree with the political aims of LGBT activists, violence of the type suggested in the Sodomite Suppression Act has no legitimate place in our society and must be condemned.  It is crucial that we as a society continue to have respectful and principled dialogue about the future of the family, religious freedom, and democracy.”
Dacus continued,  “As Christians celebrate Holy Week and Easter, we are reminded that the message of hope, forgiveness and grace is available to everyone.  Christ came not to take life, but to give us life.”    

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