PJI Attorneys File Emergency Motion in the Ninth Circuit to Save Baby Israel

San Francisco, CA–Pacific Justice Institute filed an emergency motion shortly before noon today to give two-year-old Israel Stinson a chance to live. After Israel was declared brain dead on April 14, the Stinson family has been fighting for the right to keep their child on life support as he continues to show signs of life and movement in response to his mother’s touch and voice.

PJI has taken up the mission to prevent Kaiser hospital from terminating Israel’s life. PJI attorneys are now arguing in San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that “serious questions” about Israel’s condition and his legal rights require that his ventilator not be disconnected while the legal battle continues. Late Friday, U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller denied his mother’s request for a preliminary injunction but kept the temporary restraining order in place until May 20 to allow the appeal and emergency motion to be filed.  

Brad Dacus, President of PJI, said, “Life is important. Life is sacred, and we are honored to stand with this strong and inspiring family as they fight for their child. We have to make absolutely certain that every medical and legal opportunity is afforded Baby Israel to recover and thrive.”
PJI appreciates the hard work of Alexandra Snyder, of Life Legal Defense Foundation, who has been serving as co-counsel with PJI on behalf of Baby Israel.