PJI and Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) Stand Together for Christian Businesses

Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is proud to announce that it has formed a working partnership with Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) to expand and strengthen the fight for the rights of organizations with a Christian worldview including for profit companies, non-profits, schools/universities, medical professionals, pastors and churches across the US.

PJI and CEA will collaborate to preserve our religious freedoms including of the Provision of Advocacy on Legal and Policy Issues, Expansion of Faith-In-The-Workplace Resources and Employee Benefits, Inspiring and magnifying our impact through strategic partnerships and as always, Free Legal Aid through counsel, representation and defense.

“PJI is one of the largest faith based non-profit legal defense firms in the country with offices from coast to coast. For over twenty four years, we have been a beacon for Christian businesses and their employees. We see this partnership as a natural extension of what we do. We could not be more proud to partner with such a strong, national organization such as CEA and we look forward to collectively expanding our common mission of advancing Christian Biblical principles in a world that so desperately needs it.” stated PJI Founder/President Brad Dacus.

“CEA is proud to partner with PJI in our shared mission to support religious freedom for Christian business owners to live out their faith publicly—every day in their businesses – not just privately in their homes and churches.” stated CEA President, Shannon Royce.

We appreciate your partnership so much and will press on to give voice, defense and support to those who struggle against the forces of oppression.  Contribute today!