Oregon Supreme Court Grants Emergency Stay After State Judge Declares Governor’s Pandemic Orders Null and Void

Salem, OR – Attorneys for Oregon Governor Kate Brown filed for an emergency stay with the Oregon Supreme Court after Judge Matthew Shirtcliff issued a temporary restraining order, finding the pandemic executive orders null and void.   The State’s highest court granted the motion after the lower court found that Governor Brown’s pandemic-related executive orders exceeded her authority.

PJI fights to defend the religious freedoms of churches and people of faith.


Churches and people of faith across the state brought the suit after the Governor issued serial orders extending the lockdown of residents and the closure of churches, businesses, and schools without first going to the legislature as required by Oregon law.  

The Pacific Justice Institute filed the lawsuit in Oregon’s Eighth Judicial District.  Businesses joined the case on the side of the faith community. Ray Hacke, a pro bono church attorney, who heads the PJI office in Oregon argued the case in Baker County which is in that District.  Attorney Kevin Mannix of Salem, who represented businesses also presented argument to the Court.

Brad Dacus, President of PJI, stated, “Our PJI pro bono attorneys are committed to ending this Governor’s abuse of powers and will be working hard as we prepare to make our case for the businesses and churches so impacted by her tyranny.”

As nonprofit legal defense organization, PJI will CONTINUE the fight in changing case law and executive orders that prohibit religious freedoms.