LGBT History Month Promotes Gay Porn to Kids   


Sacramento, CA—The Pacific Justice Institute is warning parents to take immediate action to prevent their children from being blindsided by explicit and highly objectionable material  during LGBT History Month, which begins today.

A patchwork of schools, districts, and inpidual teachers across the country are expected to promote LGBT History Month to students during October.  The leading website for the event,, features an “icon” of LGBT history for each day of the month—31 total.  Many parents will no doubt be alarmed when they see some of the characters being highlighted this year.

In addition to the usual activists and celebrities being re-branded as historical figures, PJI researchers were shocked to come across a few inpiduals whose work is X-rated.  Take, for instance, “Tom of Finland,” who makes the list at No. 18 and is known primarily for his homoerotic fetish art, and his contributions to gay porn.  Or Patrick Califia, a bisexual transmanknown for erotic fiction.

“It is deeply disturbing that the organizers of LGBT History Month think our kids should be celebrating homoerotic authors and porn producers,” stated Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute.  “This should be a serious wake-up call for anyone who still thinks gay history in schools is a good idea.”

PJI is urging parents across the nation to ask all of their children’s teachers whether any reference will be made to LGBT History Month.  If so, parents should confront the teacher, principal, and school board members with the reality of the inpiduals being presented as role models this year.

Besides the X-rated inclusions, this year’s list continues a trend from previous years of including a drag queen, current television personalities, foreign political figures, and activists.  The list also appears to be more targeted this year at ethnic and religious groups that have traditionally opposed homosexual behavior,  highlighting several black and Asian LGBT figures, as well as a former Mormon.

“This is exactly why we fought California’s gay history mandate a couple of years ago,” noted PJI Staff Attorney Matthew McReynolds.  “We knew this was not about real history; it was about pushing a political agenda and sexualizing kids at increasingly young ages.  It is completely irresponsible for the organizers of this event to promote inpiduals whose work is utterly inappropriate for minors.”

Last year, LGBT History Month was officially recognized by school districts from California to Florida.  It has also stirred controversy in New Jersey, where two years ago Gov. Chris Christie suggested a teacher should be fired for posting objections to LGBT History Month on her personal Facebook page.

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