Lawsuit Attacking Ministers’ Housing Allowances Filed In Wisconsin

Madison, WI – The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit in federal court earlier this week challenging the long-standing federal tax exemptions for housing allowances provided by churches and religious institutions to members of the clergy.

In late June, the same challenge was brought by the same entity. The parties stipulated to a dismissal based upon legal standing defects in the complaint. At the time, counsel for FFRF informed Pacific Justice Institute attorneys that another lawsuit would be filed in an attempt to cure the defects. PJI represented a pastor, Michael Rodgers, who filed a motion to intervene in the litigation. The trial court denied the motion but was reversed by the Ninth Circuit when PJI took it up on appeal.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “We intend to once again represent ministers to intervene so that they have a voice in the courtroom.”