High School Teacher Fired for Religious Beliefs on Gender Identity

Jurupa Valley, CA—A California high school gym teacher was fired from Jurupa Unified School District due to her religious beliefs on gender identity.

Jessica Tapia posted her personal views on Instagram, during her own time, about the use of pronouns and teaching gay pride to three-year-old children. Although Tapia did not identify her employer or state where she was a teacher, the post prompted an investigation and multiple hypothetical demands by the school district.

Although Tapia had never had a transgender student in her classes, the school district demanded that she be willing to refer to transgender students by pronouns not matching their biological sex. The school district further required her to agree to lie to parents who are unaware of their student’s gender identity confusion. She was also ordered to permit transgender students to use locker rooms at the same time that students of the opposite sex might be changing and possibly be completely naked.

Tapia requested a religious accommodation to the demands, and the school district subsequently fired her. Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) represents Tapia and submitted an EEOC charge of discrimination on her behalf.

“I knew immediately in my heart, in my soul, that this was a decision I had to make because these things were totally butting heads,” stated Tapia. “Am I going to obey the district and their directive that is not lining up with my own beliefs, convictions, and faith? Or am I going to stay true, choose my faith, choose to be obedient to the way the Lord has called me to live?”

“This case is exactly why PJI exists—to help those who remain true to their religious convictions and then suffer under the oppressive hand of authorities who have no regard for the Constitution,” commented Founder and President of PJI, Brad Dacus. “Jessica became a teacher to be a light to children who come from rough homes, and PJI will staunchly defend her right to not be fired solely because of her beliefs.”

NEWSMAX Interview with Brad Dacus & Jessica:

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