Harmful “Anti-Bullying” Book Proposals for Alameda Unified School District’s K-5th Graders

 Alameda, CA


“All I Want to Be Is Me” by Phyllis Rothblatt (Kindergarten to Grade 5)
Children will learn that they can choose whether to be a boy or a girl or neither, to disobey teachers, and tell everyone what to do. They will learn that whatever a two year old feels, they are forever, and that feelings make them who they are, not their bodies. They may also learn a transgender pride song from the book’s CD. The girl refuses to line up because she says she is neither a girl nor a boy. Twice she tells teachers and students not to call her “he” or “she,” and once she tells them “Don’t call me he. Just call me she.” She tells people not to assume who she is, taking away their right to speak the truth that there are physical differences between girls and boys.

“10,000 Dresses” by Marcus Ewart (grade not provided)
Children will learn that parents and siblings don’t care about their feelings or want to try to understand them, that they can chose whether to be called “he” or “she,” and that their interests define whether they are a girl or a boy. Children will learn that parents and siblings are physically and emotionally distant, and they tell you to “go away.” They will learn that going to your bedroom or to a stranger’s house is the solution to an unsympathetic family. The book teaches that whatever sex strangers call you is who you are, and that a boy with short hair who likes designing dresses is not a boy.


ABC. A Family Alphabet by Bobbie Coombs (Kindergarten to Grade 1)
Children will learn only about families that have two mothers or two fathers. Children will see 25 pictures of homosexual parents with their children and a picture of a girl in the bath with a wet man leaving the tub. Children will be denied the truth that married biological parents form the basis of most families in the world.

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell (grade not provided)
Children will be misled about what male homosexuality is compared to normal boy’s friendships, and how reproduction of animals in zoos differs to human reproduction and families. This book is part of the “LGBT” Lesson 9.

Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman (Kindergarten to Grade 3)
Children will learn that morality is not the most important thing, “the most important thing is everyone loves each other.” This insidious message leads children to accept and legitimize all sorts of sexual relationships. This is also disrespectful to the majority of the world’s population that base families on married biological parents, and irresponsible not to warn children about the health risks of homosexuality. Children may be exposed to a “civil rights” section at the back, although there is no evidence homosexuality is immutable (and therefore is not comparable with race).

In our Mother’s House by Patricia Polacco (Grade 3 to Grade 5)
Children will learn to ridicule and demonize anyone who does not praise homosexuality. They will see the neighbor of the homosexual mothers as an evil person who is “afraid of what she cannot understand” and has “no love in her heart.” This type of negative stereotyping will cause name-calling like “haters” and “bigots” and unsafe schools.

The Harvey Milk Story by Karl Krakow (Grade 3 to Grade 5)
Children will learn that homosexual feelings are the same as having a “gay” identity that it is a civil right to make public. Children will learn the hero “knew he was gay by the time he was 14.” The book fails to teach the facts about homosexuality, like that children’s “same sex attraction” feelings can be changed with family therapy, and that the younger males are when they start anal sex, the more likely they are to get AIDS.

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding by Sarah S. Brannen (no grade provided)
Children will learn about homosexual marriage from cute mice without being told it is illegal, or that two males can’t make babies. It wrongly glosses over the reality that there are huge differences between heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Who’s In a Family by Robert Skutch (Grade 1)
This book gives children a false message that they can decide who their family is, and undermines parent’s rights. This is false; only a male and female can be the biological parents of a child. This book is part of the current “LGBT” Lesson 9.

All of the above books conflict with Board Policy 6144: they show only one side of a controversial issue. Instead of explaining that “transgender” behavior requires treatment and is categorized as Gender Identity Disorder in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, the first two books promote “transgender” behavior. The chances of these children being helped decreases if they are affirmed at school.

The rest of the books misrepresent sexual orientation, ignoring scientific facts and health risks. None are appropriate for Kindergarten or First Grade. See www.alamedaconcernedparents.com for five more neutral books.

None of the above books are on the CA Department of Education Recommended Reading List. The district will adopt alternative books if enough people write now.