“Gay Day” in Schools One Step from Becoming Law

Sacramento, CA – Schools across California may soon be devoting an entire school day to honor homosexual icon Harvey Milk, if Governor Schwarzenegger signs a bill passed this week by the California legislature.

The bill, SB 572, requires that the Governor proclaim every May 22 as Harvey Milk Day, “and would designate that day as having special significance in public schools and educational institutions and would encourage those entities to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date.” The bill offers no opt-out provisions for parents who might not want their children to focus on sexual issues.

Governor Schwarzenegger has previously vetoed a similar bill, but some believe that he could sign the measure this time because of recent honors bestowed on Harvey Milk by Hollywood and President Obama.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, urged Californians to contact Governor Schwarzenegger and express opposition to the bill, stating, “This is one of the most blatant attempts yet to bypass parents and push homosexual indoctrination on young students. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, our youth cannot afford to have classroom instruction time wasted on politically correct propaganda.”

To express opposition to SB 572, citizens can call Governor Schwarzenegger’s office at (916) 445-2841. Please note that the phone lines are often busy, so persistence may be necessary in order to communicate your opinion. Gay rights groups are also urging their constituents to call the Governor in support of the bill.

Pacific Justice Institute is working alongside other leading California pro-family groups, including Capitol Resource Institute, California Family Council and Concerned Women of America of California, to defeat SB 572.