Free Love? White House Says Yes

Washington, D.C. – Following a firestorm of criticism, the White House late last week announced that it was altering plans to force Catholic and other religious institutions to pay for employees’ birth control and abortifacient drugs (such as the so-called “morning-after” pill). While the revised plan was touted as a compromise, religious liberty advocates continue to protest the morality and legality of forcing someone else to pay for an employee’s sexual choices.

Attorney Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, explains that the Administration is still planning to force religious institutions like universities and hospitals to provide insurance coverage for employees’ contraceptives. And the Administration still insists that the drugs and devices be free to employees. The difference is that now the Administration claims the costs will be shifted from the employer to the insurance provider.

“This does not help the many institutions that are self-insured,” Dacus said. “And even entities that are not self-insured will end up paying for the Administration’s no-consequences notion of free love through higher premiums. Nor is this just a religious or pro-life issue—it is a major concern for anyone who cares about the government’s endless push to put everything on a credit card and make someone else pay the bill.”

Pacific Justice Institute is gathering potential plaintiffs to challenge the mandate in court. Leaders of religious institutions interested in being represented at no charge are encouraged to e-mail

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