Despite Threats, Another So. Cal. City Supports National Motto

Irwindale, CA – Despite recent threats from an atheist group, another city in Southern California has joined the growing list of local governments to express support for the national motto, “In God We Trust”.

Recently, the city of Irwindale, located in Los Angeles County voted unanimously in favor of a resolution in support of the national motto. The resolution was drafted by Kevin Snider, Chief Counsel at Pacific Justice Institute, at the request of the City. While a number of cities throughout CA have recently voted to display the national motto, one recent such move by the City of Ontario prompted threats of a lawsuit from the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation. PJI has offered to defend the City of Ontario free of charge should any lawsuit actually be filed. PJI also successfully defended the use of “In God We Trust” on our nation’s currency at the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a lawsuit filed by atheist Michael Newdow.

The efforts to encourage cities to officially support the national motto in the face of atheist threats and lawsuits has been spearheaded by Bakersfield Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan, who founded and heads In God We Trust – America. PJI has been working alongside Ms. Sullivan to ensure that cities which support the national motto are legally protected.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented ”We applaud the City of Irwindale and other cities like it that are taking a stand to support the national motto in the face of threats from anti-religious zealots. We are committed to defend the national motto and other national symbols and traditions against any and all legal challenges.”