Court Strikes down School’s Ban on the Constitution, Bible Tracts

Seattle, WA–A federal judge today overturned the punishment of an Everett high school senior who had been suspended for handing out Christian tracts.
In a ruling from the bench following oral argument, Judge Thomas Zilly agreed with attorneys for Pacific Justice Institute that the school’s rule limiting students to the distribution of only literature that was written by themselves or fellow students could not survive First Amendment scrutiny.  The rule barred students from distributing copies of the Constitution or the gospel tracts favored by plaintiff Michael Leal.  On that basis, the court ordered that Leal’s suspensions be expunged.  Meanwhile, the court left in place three other aspects of the school policies that PJI attorneys also challenged.

Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “Today’s win is a well-deserved graduation present to our client.  He should not have been suspended for simply handing other students gospel tracts, and today’s ruling is a vindication of our efforts on his behalf.”    

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