Court Refuses to Protect Pro-life Clinics from Abortion Speech Mandate

Sacramento, CA–A federal court ruled late Monday that a law requiring pro-life pregnancy clinics to promote abortion can go into effect January 1st.

Pacific Justice Institute represents three pregnancy clinics that are challenging the law, AB775, on free speech and free exercise of religion grounds.

In a 59-page order, U.S District Judge, Kimberly Mueller agreed with PJI that the law raised “serious questions” about potential First Amendment violations and would also cause irreparable harm to the clinics.  However, Judge Mueller determined that the interests of the clinics in refusing to promote abortion were outweighed by the interests of the State to ensure women receive information about all their options.

“This ruling should alarm everyone who believes in a robust First Amendment,” said Brad Dacus, President PJI.  “The notion that the government can compel religious non-profits to promote practices antithetical to their values is chilling.” The clinics are evaluating all their legal options, including appeal.

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